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Grand Rapids Hotel Basement Floor Coating for Dog Walking Area

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Grand Rapids, MI

BACKGROUND: This new hotel caters to those traveling with pets. Unfortunately, finding a place downtown to exercise your dog and let them use the bathroom can be impossible. Furthermore, Michigan’s brutal winters can make it even less desirable for guests to travel outdoors. With this in mind, the hotel had the outside-the-box idea to turn their Grand Rapids basement floor into a dog walking and play area. Certainly, a stay at a dog-friendly destination wouldn’t be complete without a dog wash station.

APPLICATION: For this Grand Rapids basement floor, Xtreme installed 2 different V-8 High Performance Floor Coating systems.

First, the V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System was installed in the hallways and walk area around the dog walking area. Due to this being an old basement with stone walls in parts, V-8’s REV M.V.P. was installed as the basecoat to remediate any moisture concerns.

Second, the V-8 Solid Color System was installed in the center area. Ultimately, the area was designed for an artificial turf pad to be installed on top. Therefore the area could be hosed down and drained. The V-8 Hybrid XT resin used in this area has proven itself to be chemical resistant to animal urine and feces. For this reason, it has been installed in many animal care facilities across North America (including John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids)

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Downtown Grand Rapids Hotel


Basement Floor Coating – Vinyl Chip

Grand Rapids basement floor coating at hotel
unique Grand Rapids basement floor

A few of the many reasons to make Xtreme your Grand Rapids basement floor contractor:

The Right Equipment –

Because of tight staircases, or weight restrictions on elevators, basements often have limited access. Unfortunately, this makes it extremely difficult to get large concrete prep equipment in and out. For example, one of our large industrial concrete grinders weighs roughly 1300 pounds.

Prepping the right surface profile into the concrete for proper adhesion the floor for coating is absolutely necessary. Especially in basements where smaller more mobile machines are required. With this in mind, that is why hiring the right contractor with the right equipment is crucial. At the present time, Xtreme has over a million dollars invested in concrete preparation equipment. As a result of this investment, we are not only ready for any size project, but also any type of area.

Years of Experience –

Our experienced crews have years of experience installing high performance floor coatings not only in basements, but animal care facilities as well. Notably, some of the areas include: vet clinics, zoos, kennels, shelters & more.

Speed & efficiency –

Our projects run efficiently. Because of this, we complete jobs on schedule. In fact, this is due to being prepared with fleets of trucks, equipment, and trained crews.  Obviously speed is a big factor in hiring Xtreme as your Grand Rapids concrete flooring contractor. However, quality is most important to us.

Proven Products –

With 20+ years of durability in basements, our V-8 High Performance Floor Coating products have proven themselves. As a matter of fact, the V-8 products have been installed beyond just in Grand Rapids by Xtreme. In addition, Certified V-8 Installers have put down many millions of square feet across the United States. Additionally, V-8’s durable floor coatings have seen long term success in commercial, industrial, educational, and residential settings.

It’s important to note that basements often don’t have great ventilation. For this reason, V-8’s products with zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and low odor are the perfect choice for Grand Rapids basement floors.

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