In recent years, Grand Rapids has experienced a consistent surge in both population and tourism. To accommodate this growth, Gerald R. Ford International Airport has undergone a series of transformative renovation projects. The renovations took the airport from a modest facility into an appealing gateway for both residents and visitors of Grand Rapids.

The results of these efforts were recognized in October 2023 when Gerald R. Ford International Airport secured the title of the Best Small Airport in the US, through a competition hosted by USA TODAY. This award, supported by the votes of the public and industry experts, underscored the success of the airport’s renovations and meticulous attention to detail.

Committed to maintaining its status, the airport began a fresh round of enhancements, enlisting the expertise of Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems. With nearly 24 years of experience, a substantial fleet and five dedicated installation crews specializing in large-scale industrial floor system projects, Xtreme was the ideal choice for the crucial task.

The Project

The airport needed a 7,000 square foot facilities maintenance shop to have its concrete flooring brought to life with a coating. Serving as one of the main aircraft maintenance areas, the shop is a critical part of the airport’s operation. This meant a timely return to service was of the upmost important.

The old concrete in the shop was in rough shape and needed a lot of attention from Xtreme. This would not be a simple blast and coat job for the crew. Luckily, the expert installers were up to the challenge and utilized Xtreme’s proven step-by-step method to carry out the project in an efficient manner.

To guarantee that a flooring system adheres properly to the floor, a shot blaster is the ideal tool for the job. By blasting the floor repeatedly with steel bb’s called shot, the machine creates texture in the floor and breaks away any loose concrete.

For some installers, surface preparation is a one step process, but for Xtreme, it involves several more pieces of equipment and thorough evaluation. After shot blasting, a diamond grinder can be used to further mark the concrete. In some cases, Xtreme crews use hand grinders and joint filling products to reach hard-to-get spots and ensure maximum quality.

The Product

For a high-traffic maintenance shop, Xtreme knew a strong and reliable system would be needed. Only HD-PC, a system from their V-8 High Performance Floors product line, would ensure lasting quality and resistance.

HD-PC or Heavy Duty Polyurethane Concrete is Xtreme’s go-to choice for projects that expect to see continuous use and abuse. HD-PC is tough and withstands thermal shock, impact, abrasion and chemical exposures. The system will even prevent the growth of fungus in locations where that may be a concern. Many industrial and food processing plants with heavy machinery choose HD-PC to provide a secure flooring solution.

When installed correctly, the HD-PC system by Xtreme proves its durability, capable of withstanding heavy use for years. This commitment to quality ensures that Gerald R. Ford International Airport’s maintenance hangar not only meets the highest standards but also stands as a testament to the airport’s dedication to excellence in every aspect of its operations. As Grand Rapids continues to thrive as a destination, the airport remains a shining example of progress and innovation in infrastructure development.

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