Damaged, cracked, and unsafe concrete factory flooring is not only dangerous for employees, but it can also cause a drag on productivity. On the other hand, a well-maintained, industrial-strength floor from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems can support both overall efficiency and factory management’s long-term, fiscal objectives.
The overall goal of West Michigan factories is to function at maximum efficiency and reduce expenditures as efficiently as possible. A slow down for any reason increases costs, reduces productivity, leads to lower profit margins and higher cost to the consumer.
With more than 30 years of experience installing floors in commercial, industrial, and chemical buildings, the employees of locally owned and operated Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems are West Michigan’s factory flooring experts. They understand a factory’s many unique flooring needs.

Factory flooring from Xtreme can provide the following benefits:Factory flooring

  • Provide a safe, slip-resistant surface for employees
  • Set traffic flows, aisle ways, storage and work areas with line striping
  • Protect the structural integrity of the facility’s concrete floor
  • Prevent the absorption of grease, oils, caustic chemicals, and corrosive acids
  • Seal the concrete thereby reducing dust and easing the strain on air filtration systems
  • Provide impact protection from heavy loads
  • Stand up to heavy traffic as well as everyday wear and tear
  • Protect factory machinery with electro-static conducive and dissipative properties
  • Brighten work areas and make the factories more attractive for workers and visitors
  • Simplify daily cleaning and regular maintenance procedures

West Michigan factories need industrial strength flooring options that promise long-lasting durability, while still being safe, visually appealing, and easy to clean. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems has several flooring products and treatments that meet these requirements. If you’ve got a factory flooring problem, Xtreme’s got a solution.
Depend on the experienced flooring experts at Xteme to help you determine which factory flooring options will work best in your facility. For Factory Flooring – Call an expert at Xtreme.