No two restaurants are the same – not even ones within the same chain. There are fast-food restaurants, diners, family restaurants, sports bars, neighborhood pubs, bistros, steakhouses, seafood palaces…. The list could go on forever. And with every different restaurant types, a diner’s experience varies from one visit to the next. You can hire the best chef in the region, import the finest wines, even grow your vegetables if you’re going to the farm to table feel. But as a restaurant manager, there are bound to be a lot of things that are entirely out of your control.
A bad day at work, heavy traffic on the way to dinner, even unmet menu expectations – I wanted fried chicken – can affect the Yelp review your diners will write later this evening. It doesn’t seem entirely fair, but that’s life. Right?
What can you do?
The simple answer to issues out of your control is to pay more attention to those you can control. Yes, hire the best chef, import the finest wines, and grow your vegetables if that’s your thing. But pay attention as well to the atmosphere you are creating. Lights, music, décor, and even your flooring choice affects the ambiance of your establishment.
Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems is Here to Help
Our V-8 Hybrid XT floor coating products can quickly and affordably change the look and feel of your restaurant. Available in several different finishes, from Full Vinyl Chip with hundreds of colors to choose from, to Natural Mica Chip for a more refined look, to Platinum Pigment if you want to project an incomparable, upscale experience – and every installation is a custom floor.
In addition to upgrading the look and feel of your restaurant flooring, our Hybrid XT floor coatings are easy to keep clean with simple sweeping and mopping as needed. They’re seam free and available with coved edges, so there’s no place from kitchen grease and grime to build up, and they’re FDA and USDA approved for incidental food contact.
The restaurant dining experience begins the minute your guests walk in the door. What kind of floors are they walking on? A V-8 Hybrid XT floor from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems starts their dining experience off on the right foot. Now all you have to do is hire that Michelin Star rated chef.