Restaurant floors take a real beating. High traffic areas, constant temperature fluctuations, and frequent spills make this type of environment one of the toughest to deal with. Concrete polish is an easy, durable option for restaurant owners that has many advantages over other types of flooring for front of the house applications. (We also have many decorative coatings, as well as coating systems that work great in kitchens, bathrooms, and more)
Commercial restaurant flooring and concrete polishCommercial Restaurant Flooring
There are countless benefits to polished concrete flooring in a restaurant setting. In fact, what once was a cutting edge and brave choice is now becoming the norm in the food service and food manufacturing industry.
Concrete polish is more sanitary, cleaner, and safer than many other popular flooring options. It’s also a sustainable choice that produces little to no waste throughout the renovation process, does not require cleaning with noxious chemicals, and contributes significantly to LEED certification by earning extra points.
Concrete polish provides a more functional and long-lasting floor surface. The floor itself is non-porous, shiny, and easy to clean with an ecofriendly and biodegradable vinegar and water solution. The shine lasts for years, and it is scratch resistant, unlike linoleum and tile flooring options.
Concrete polish typically costs less than half as much to maintain as tile and vinyl floors. There’s no need to hire out wax stripping, polishing, and buffing jobs. Because the surface stays looking new even in tough conditions, replacing or refurbishing concrete polish is not a concern.
The process of polishing and grinding a concrete surface to a high shine creates a sanitary floor by eliminating cracks, crevices, and pores that trap and breed bacteria. Grout lines in tile floors are porous and must be sanitized regularly with a longer contact time for the cleaner so they won’t harbor and spread dangerous germs. Cleaning polished concrete floors is much faster and requires only the time it takes for the floor to dry. The smooth surface inhibits contaminants and moisture from absorbing and creating a secondary problem with germs in an environment that should be sanitary.
Concrete polish as an option for front of the house restaurant flooring has greatly improved the sanitation of many restaurants and food service establishments. Installation is fast, so there’s no need to worry about shuttering a thriving business while the floors are being refinished.
To learn more about the many advantages of using concrete polish in a restaurant setting, go ahead and contact our friendly and knowledgeable team of flooring experts.