Closing the doors of your business for floor renovations costs more than revenue. Your employees, customers, and neighboring businesses count on you to honor regular business hours. You shouldn’t have to choose between completing a much-needed floor renovation and staying open for business. Xtreme Floor Systems understands how important it is to minimize downtime and get you back up and running ASAP. One-Day Installation
Our team of flooring experts work to get your project done on time, and in a short amount of time. Our products and processes are specially tailored to produce a beautiful and long-lasting result in a very small amount of time. One-day installation is possible with Xtreme Floor Systems.
One-day installation with quick cure products
Concrete polishing is a popular, eco-friendly, and beautiful option for refurbishing existing floors. There’s no need for surface coatings, and your floors are polished permanently, which reduces maintenance down the road and eliminates the need for regular professional waxing. Our patented process of grinding and polishing produces a shiny floor that will remain beautiful and like-new for years. We use special machinery that produces the desired result with zero dust.
The V-8 Hybrid Decorative Chip System is part of a new generation of floor coatings. We also have 5 other decorative systems that can be installed in one day. This UV-resistant system is appropriate for high traffic areas like hallways and bathrooms. We install these systems in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, so harsh Michigan winters won’t slow down your floor refurbishing project. There is no smell during or after installation. This fast-setting formula is ready for full use in 24 hours and has a short cure time.
Our team of local flooring experts has more than 20 years of experience. We use the best and most powerful equipment available combined with the latest techniques to produce a fast installation and a beautiful result to delight our customers. For more information about how we reduce our clients’ downtime for floor renovations to as little as 12 hours, go ahead and contact us today.